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Holdings :
         Records, as described in Part I and Part II Guide Books are preserved in the two offices of the Directorate of State Archives. The Historical Section located at 6, Bhawani Dutta Lane, Kolkata-700073 deals with the records date back to 1758 till 1900. The Current Section which deals with the post-1900 records is located at Writers' Buildings, Ground Floor, Kolkata-700001
Guide to the Records: Part I, 1758-1858
Section A:
Revenue Department
Board of Revenue
Board of Trade- Commercial
Misccellaneous Records

Department                                                 Year
Select Committee                                                                           1756-1762, 1765-1774
Comptrolling Committee of Revenue                                         1771-1772
Committee of Circuit                                                                     1772-1773
Revenue Board Consisting of the Whole Council                       1772-1774
Revenue- Governor-General in Council 1775-1815
Revenue-Sayer 1790-1805                                                    
Revenue-Wards 1790-1805
Revenue-Grain 1794-1803
Revenue-Khalsa 1776-1780 
Revenue Proceedings-Extracts 1772-1776 
Territorial Revenue Department 1815-1834
Revenue-Governor of Bengal 1834-1854
Revenue- Lt. Governor of Bengal 1854-1858 
Separate Revenue 1834-1852 
Miscellaneous Revenue 1828-1841, 1853-1858
Resident at the Durbar 1769-1770, 1772-1774                                                               
Controlling Council of Revenue at Murshidabad July1770-Sept.1772                       
Chief and Council at Patna and 
Controlling Council of Revenue at Patna 1756-1773
Controlling Council of Revenue at
Patna ( The Chief and Council) Nov.1770-Dec1773
Calcutta Committee of Revenue 1773-1781
Provincial Council of Revenue at Dacca 1773-1779
Provincial Council of Revenue at Murshidabad 1773-1780
Provincial Council of Revenue at Dinajpur 1774-1780
Provincial Council of Revenue at Patna 1774-1780
Provincial Council of Revenue at Burdwan 1774-1779
Chittagong Records 1771-1785
Committee of Revenue 1781-1786 
Proceedings of the Board of Revenue 1786-1858
Board of Revenue at Fort William 1786-1822
Board of Revenue, Lower Provinces 1822-1829
Sadar Board of Revenue at Fort William 1829-1850
Board of Revenue- Lower Provinces …………
Board of Revenue- Sayer 1790-1806 
Board of Revenue –Judicial 1790-1793 
Board of Revenue –Wards 1790-1847
Board of Revenue –Police 1794-1797
Board of Revenue –Grain 1795-1803
Board of Revenue -Invalid Proceedings 1803-1805  
Board of Revenue- Post Office 1820-1829 
Board of Revenue -Sunderban Proceedings 1825-1829 
Sadar Board of Revenue –Settlement 1837-1843
Board of Revenue-Proceedings on Deputation 1813- 1859
Board of Revenue -Abkari or Excise 1853-1854
Board of Revenue- Customs 1788-1793;1809-1819;1851-1858
Board of Revenue –Salt 1788-1793; 1851-1858
Board of Revenue –Opium 1788-1793; 1851-1858
Board of Revenue –Commerce 1851-1852
Board of Commissioners-Ceded Provinces 1801-1803    
Board of Revenue- Ceded and Conquered Provinces 1803-1807, 1807-1810   
Board of Revenue- Central Provinces                                       1822-1829                                                 
Comptrolling Committee of Commerce                                    1771-1773 
Customs, Salt and Opium 1794-1858
Board of Trade-Commercial 1774-1835 
Board of Trade-Customs 1793-1809
Board of Trade-Salt 1793-1819
Board of Trade-Opium 1793-1819
Board of Trade-Hemp or Sunn 1801-1815
Board of Trade-Indigo 1811-1812
Board of Customs 1773- 1785 
Board of Customs, Salt and Opium 1819-1850
Customs 1819-1850
Salt 1819-1850
Opium 1819-1850
Commercial 1835-1850
Commissioner in Bihar and Benares 1816-1817
Board of Commissioners in Bihar and Benares 1818-1822                 
The Committee of Grain 1783-1785
 The Grain Office 1795-1803 
Superintendent of the Khalsa 1772-1774; 1775-1781 
Preparer of Reports for the Revenue Department 1781-1793
Presidency Commissioners, Sundarbans Records 1829-1858
Special Commissioners under Regulation II of 1819 and III of 1828
Superintendent of the Salt Chauki, Calcutta 1831-1858
Controller of Salt Chaukis 1846-1858 
Comptroller of Salt and Collector of the Salt Districts 1783-1792
Controller of Surveys 1851-1855
Revenue Dept. Govt. of India
Correspondence with the Tea Committee 1839-1840
Tea Committee 1834-1840
Presidency Committee of records 1820-1829
Railway Commissioner 1850-1857
Reporter of External Commerce 1802-1819
Calcutta Exchange Price Current 1820-1858 
Miscellaneous Records: 1772-1858

 Revenue Records                            
  1. Proceedings and Reports
  2. Accounts and Registers relating to Land and Land Revenue

 Board Revenue

  1. Office Records
  2. Registers etc. relating to Land and Land Revenue

 Relating to Commerce, Customs, Salt and Opium

 Accounts Records

  1. Correspondence
  2. Land Revenue and Miscellaneous
  3. Settlement
  4. Abkari and Stamps 
Section B:
Judicial Department
Commissioner of Law Suits
Miscellaneous Records

Revenue (Judicial) 1790-1793
Judicial (Civil) 1793-1815
Judicial (Criminal) 1793-1815  
Judicial, Civil-- Lower Provinces 1816-1834                                
Judicial Criminal-- Lower Provinces 1816-1834                                
Judicial, Civil and Criminal—Western Provinces 1816-1834                                 
Judicial (Bengal) Civil 1834-1841 
Judicial (Bengal) Criminal 1834-1841
Judicial Department 1841-1858
Commissioner of Law Suits 1777-1779
Miscellaneous Records
Judicial Department 1795-1856    

Section C:
Finance Department
General Department
Ecclesiastical Department
Political Department
Education Department
Public Works Department:
Railway Department
Marine Department

Finance 1857-1858
General 1834-1858
Ecclesiastical 1834-1858
Political 1834-1858
Education 1842-1858
Public Works 1854-1858                                                                              
Public Works- Chief Engineer, Lower Provinces 1854-1858                                                                              
Public Works- Revenue 1855-1856
Public Works- Judicial 1855-1856          
Railway 1845-1855
Marine 1838-1858

Section D:
General Committee of Public Instruction 1823-1842
Correspondence and Proceedings
Miscellaneous Volumes
Accounts books relating to Schools and Colleges
Council of Education 1853
DPI 1858-1920  
General Committee of the Fever Hospital and Municipal Improvement 1835-1849

Section E:
General Letters to and from the Court of Directors
Letters to the Court of Directors 1771-1858
Territorial Revenue
Territorial Financial
Separate Revenue 
Miscellaneous Revenue
Public or General
Public Works, Revenue
Public Works
List of Despatches to England
Drafts of Forwarding Letters of Several Departments
Letters from the Court of Directors 1765-1854                                                                                    
Territorial Revenue
Separate Revenue 
Public or General and Ecclesiastical
Territorial Financial

Section F:
Miscellaneous Records

Various Government Departments 1772-1858
Office List of Records 1771-1888
Persian, Dutch and Vernacular Records 1624-1882
Persian Records
Bengali Records
Mixed Persian and Bengali Records
English, Bengali and Persian Register
Records relating to Baze-Zamin Daftar
Stray Dutch and Danish Records
A.     List of Records relating to Fredricknagar
B.     Dutch Pattas relating to Chinsurah

Guide to the Records: Part II, 1859—1947 
Home Department:
Branch Year
Political 1859-1947
Police July,1859—Dec.,1947
Constitution and Election 1937--1947
General Administration/ Appointment March,1866--1948
Jails July,1859--1955
Information and Public Relations 1939--1954
Press 1932--1980
Defence 1945-1947
Passport 1916-1947
Transport 1943-1947
Recruitment 1917-1947
Records 1909-1947
Political Confidential Series:                                      1874-1947
Judicial Department:
Branch    Year
Judicial  1859-1947
Administrator General                                                       1901-1917                                               
Registration 1873-1947                                                                          
Legislative Department:
Branch    Year
Legislative 1862-1947
Education Department:
Branch    Year
Education      1921-1947
Miscellaneous 1921-1947 
Director of Public Instruction                                              1857-1920
General Department:
Branch    Year
General  1859-1872
Education 1859-1920
Miscellaneous 1873-1920
Ecclesiastical  1859-1920 
Agriculture Department:
Branch    Year
Agriculture 1873-1947
Zoological Garden 1924-1947
Botanical Garden 1919-1947
Civil Veterinary 1921-1947
Co-operative 1921-1947
Fisheries 1919-1947
Miscellaneous 1921-1947
Tank Improvement 1947
Marketing 1945-1947
Development 1945-1947
Supply 1945-1947
Commerce, Labour and Industries Department:
Branch    Year
Marine 1859-1945
Commerce 1914-1947
Industry 1921-1945 
Port Trust Aug., 1870—January, 1892 
Labour 1947-1956
Local Self –Government Department:
Branch    Year
Medical  Dec.,1859-1947
Municipal   1873-1947
Local Board May,1886--1947    
Local Board May,1886--1947    
Municipal Miscellaneous  1883-1889
Ferry 1879-1891
Land and Land Revenue Department:
Branch    Year
Land Revenue 1859-1947
Emigration 1860-1940
Statistics May, 1868--October, 1891 
Jurisdiction and Boundaries May, 1873—Dec., 1941
Miscellaneous 1873-1945 
Scarcity and Relief Nov., 1873—Aug., 1877
Famine Nov., 1877—Oct., 1891 
Road and Public Works Cess                                            1873-1910
Excluded Area 1926-1936 
Land Acquisition 1906-1947 
Finance Department:
Branch    Year
Finance 1859-1947
Book Depot 1911-1933
Opium 1872-1933
Separate Revenue  1891-1910  
Separate Revenue  1891-1910  
Salt Aug.,1872--Dec.,1938
Customs 1872-1926 
Income Tax Nov., 1863—Dec., 1937
Stamp  1872-1943 
Miscellaneous 1880-1945
Stationery 1872-1891
Industry and Science 1872-1878
Public Health Department:
Public Health Feb., 1921-1947
Sanitation April, 1868—January, 1921
Forest and Excise Department:
Branch                                                                                    Year
Forest  Aug., 1864—Dec., 1942 
Excise 1872-1947  
Cinchona 1921-1943

 Miscellaneous Records:

 1. Records of the Government of Eastern Bengal and Assam October, 1905—March,1912.
 2. Character Books of the Covenanted Servants and officers of the Subordinate Executive Services.
 3. Covenants of the Civilians -1860-1944.
 4. Papers on Goa Negotiations, 1878
 5. Agreement of the I.P.S. Officers -1924-1938.
 6. Establishment Registers of the Departments like General, Judicial, Revenue, Opium, Salt, Marine etc-1859.
 7. Convention for the maintenance of the G.T. Road, Calcutta.
 8. Confidential Reports on Native Newspapers- 1873-1937.
 9. Calcutta Gazette- 1873-2012.
 10. Stray files of the Excise Department (1894-1905), deposit papers on the Writers’
      Buildings, Fort William College, Calcutta, Public Library.
 11. Election Papers-1952-1995

 Records lying in the custody of the Directorate of State Archives at 43, Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata-700017

 Intelligence Branch: 1906—1950
 CID Gazette: 1876—1986 (with gaps)
 The Chancellor’s Secretariat: 1956 -- 1980
 PWD: 1859—1960, with gaps 
 Bengal Legislative Assembly Proceedings: 1937—1943
 West Bengal Legislative Assembly Proceedings: 1974—2011
 Bengal Legislative Council Proceedings: 1921-1942 (with gaps)
 Indian Annual Registers: 1920—1947 (with gaps)

 Photo Archives- Visual and textual records of the 20th century, transferred from the Intelligence Branch.

Consolidated Indices of the holdings of State Archives (1860-1947)